Universal 3-finger centric gripper with large gripping force and high maximum moments per finger, plus center bore

Field of application
For universal use in clean and slightly dirty environments. Suitable for applications that require a center bore, e.g. for workpiece feeding, special sensor systems or optical recognition Systems.

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Advantages – Your benefits
Robust multi-tooth guidance
for precise handling
High maximum moments possible
suitable for using long gripper fingers
High gripping forces achievable
for a wide range of applications
Center through-hole
available with fitting and female thread, which facilitates assembly of customer attachments. Moreover, the center bore is used for feed-through of supply hoses and others.
Air supply via hose-free direct connection or screw connections
for flexible pressure supply in all automated systems
Manifold options
optional with mechanic gripping force maintenance

Options and special information
Gripping force maintenance version AS/IS
The mechanical gripping force maintenance version ensures minimum gripping force even in the event of a pressure drop. In the AS/S version this acts as a closing force, in the IS version as an opening force.

Due to the center bore, the PZB-plus series is the optimal standard solution for many fields of application.