2-finger angular parallel gripper with gripper finger actuation of up to 90° per jaw

Field of application
Gripping and moving small to medium workpieces in low contamination environments

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Advantages – Your benefits

– Positively driven angle and parallel stroke: in one functional unit
– Absolutely clamping in parallel stroke: for highest positioning accuracy
– Stable kinematics: for high power transmission and synchronized gripping
– High gripping force: in parallel stroke
– Opening angle of jaws up to 180°: for maximum flexibility in applications
– Integration of a gripping force maintenance is optional: for firm grip even in the event of power failure
– End-position monitoring: with optional standardized monitoring sets
– Standardized mounting bores: for numerous combinations with other components from the modular system

Options and special information
– Gripping force maintenance version AS: The mechanical gripping force maintenance ensures that a minimum clamping force will be applied even in case of pressure drop. This acts as closing force in the AS version. Besides this, the gripping force maintenance can be used to increase gripping force or for single actuated gripping.
– Shock absorber version: A shock absorber version is available for particularly damping-intensive movements. Please ask for details.

As standard, this module can be combined with numerous components from the modular system. We would be happy to assist you.