Servo-electric 2-finger parallel gripper with high gripping force and moment loads due to the multi-tooth guidance

Field of application
Optimal standard solution for many areas of application; flexible use due to controllable gripping force, position, and speed

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Advantages – Your benefits
– Drive design of servomotor: for flexible use
– With external electronics: for simple integration into existing servo-controlled concepts via PROFINET, PROFIBUS or CAN
– Pre-positioning capability: to reduce cycle times through a short working stroke
– Robust multi-tooth guidance: for precise handling
– High maximum moments possible: suitable for using long gripper fingers
– Mounting from two sides in three screw directions: for universal and flexible gripper assembly

Options and special information
– Control via external controller ECM: The electrical control of the gripper takes place via the separately available controller ECM. Integration of the controller into the higher-level control concept is either via PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP or CAN. The communication interfaces ensure simple integration into the higher level control system and enable the design of industrial bus topologies.
– Plug version EGN-S: Plug version EGN-S is available for the ECM controller in addition to the standard variant with 5 m attached connection cable. The gripper has a 30 cm cable and stepped Y-plug in this version. Cable track-compatible or robot-compatible power and sensor cables have to be ordered separately.
– Dustproof version SD: absolutely dustproof, increased degree of protection against ingress of materials.