Servo-electric 2-finger parallel gripper with sensitive gripping force control and long stroke

Field of application
universally applicable, highly flexible electric 2-finger parallel gripper for a wide range of parts in clean to harsh ambient conditions

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Advantages – Your benefits

– Current-controlled gripping force adjustment of a huge force range: for the delicate or powerful gripping of different workpieces
– Long and freely programmable stroke: for flexible workpiece handling
– Fully integrated control and power electronics: for creating a decentralized control system
– Versatile actuation options: for simple integration into existing servo-controlled concepts via PROFINET, PROFIBUS or CAN
– Connectors in industrial standard: for easy electrical connection
– Service interface: USB Host and USB Device: for comfortable parameter setting and firmware updates by USB flash drive or PC
– Rotary encoding switch and DIP switch: for manual fieldbus addressing, baud rate setting and service functions

Options and special information

The electrical control of the gripper is carried out by the fully integrated control and power electronics. Hence, the module does not require any additional external control units.

A wide range of interfaces are available for communication, such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP or CAN. This enables the assembly of industrial bus networks and ensures easy integration into existing control concepts. For transmission of power supply and data communications, we offer various cables.
Base jaw interface
The interface of the base jaws corresponds to that of the universal gripper PGN-plus-P. This means that the extensive range of finger accessories for the PGN-plus-P can also be used for this gripper, taking into account the interfering contours, and the application limits that apply.