Universal electric 2-finger parallel gripper with permanent lubrication, high gripping force, and a high maximum moment due to the use of a multi-tooth guidance.

Field of application
Optimal standard solution for many fields of application. For universal use in clean to slightly dirty environments.

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Advantages – Your benefits

– Robust multi-tooth guidance: for precise handling
– High maximum moments possible: suitable for using long gripper fingers
– Lubricant pockets in the mult-tooth guidance: ensure process reliability and extended maintenance intervals
– Brushless DC servomotor: for almost wear-free use and a long service life
– Control via digital I/O: for easy commissioning and rapid integration into existing systems.
– Four-step adjustable gripping force: for simple adaption to sensitive workpieces
– Mounting from two sides in three screw directions: for universal and flexible gripper assembly
– Integrated sensor system and comprehensive sensor accessory program: for versatile querying possibilities and stroke position monitoring
– Control via IO-Link: enables the prepositioning of the gripper finger and the evaluation of the gripper condition
Options and special information
– Manually adjustable gripping force: With an integrated rotary switch, the gripping force can be adjusted in four stages – 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%.
– Integrated sensor system: Two end positions can be monitored via integrated inductive proximity switches.
– Optional status monitoring via external sensor system: The status of the gripper can also be monitored by optional external sensors.
– KA connection cable: Connection cables with an angled or a straight female connector can be ordered to connect the gripper with the power supply and higher-level control system.
– IO-Link: Version for positioning the gripper fingers and positional feedback over the entire stroke.
– digital I/O: Version for opening/closing of gripper with integrated proximity switches for detecting the two positions.
– Dustproof version SD: absolutely dustproof, increased degree of protection against ingress of materials.