Electro-permanent magnetic gripper for energy-efficient handling of ferromagnetic workpieces

Field of application
Universal compact gripper for large diversity of parts in clean to slightly contaminated work environment

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Advantages – Your benefits
High holding forces at lowest space
for reliable part handling in compact machines
Low weight
for high dynamics in challenging applications
Reliable holding force maintenance
to ensure process reliable operation even in scenarios with emergency stop
Energy efficiency: electricity is only required for magnetization and demagnetization
for an economic and careful managment of resources
Variable number of magnetic poles and adaptation possibilities to any common robot
to ensure the optimum adaption to each application
Workpiece accessibility from five sides free from interfering contours
by unnecessary gripper fingers

Options and special information
Control via external controller
Electrical control of the gripper takes place via the controller, which is separately available on request. The interface to the control unit is provided by digital I/O.