Grippers, attached with appropriate top fingers allows assembly of O-rings, including square rings and others both on shafts (external assembly) and in bores (internal assembly)

Field of application
The gripper should be used in a clean environment, particularly in automated assembly

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Advantages – Your benefits
O.D. and I.D. assembly with one gripper
for flexibility and cost-saving
Reliable performance due to new mounting principle
for high availability
Standard assembly finger for O.D. assembly
for conventional ring sizes for fast commissioning

Options and special information

For standard O-ring sizes SCHUNK offers standard assembly fingers for external assembly. Assembly fingers for internal assembly are always O-ring specific. On request, they can be purchased as customized components from SCHUNK or manufactured by customers themselves. Drawings and design instructions can be found in the extensive operating manual that is available online as a PDF document.
Max. O-ring cord thickness
The max. O-ring cord thickness to be installed is a diameter of 4 mm.