Universal gripper PGN-plus/PZN-plus with GSW-B shank interface and compensation unit AGE

Field of application
Unit for fully automated loading and unloading of machining centres

Advantages – Your benefits
Low-cost module
from a universal gripper PGN-plus/PZN-plus and a shank interface
Fast, automated gripper changeover
from the gripper to the storage rack
Fully automated workpiece changeover
without robot or gantry system
Three compensation directions in one unit
compact design for minimum installation height
Robust sliding guide
for high moment load at minimum space
Compensation of workpiece-related tolerances and position inaccuracies
reduced risk of jamming, necessary assembly forces are reduced and wear of the workpiece and handling device is minimized

Options and special information

Please note that applications under extreme conditions (e.g. coolant, casting or abrasive dust) will reduce the service life of this product considerably.

Further shaft diameters on request.

Please note that the connection A of IS version grippers or grippers of AS version should not be sealed air-tight.
If the spindles do not rotate, then the machines have to provide compressed air or coolant.