Electric 2-finger parallel gripper with smooth-running base jaws guided on roller bearings

Field of application
Gripping and moving of small to medium-sized workpieces with flexible force and high speed in clean environments, such as assembly, testing, laboratory and pharmaceutical industry

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Advantages – Your benefits

Highest performance density
for the use of smaller grippers sizes
Control via digital I/O
for easy commissioning and rapid integration into existing systems.
Two to four stage adjustable gripping force
for simple adaption to sensitive workpieces
Backlash-free, pre-loaded cross roller guide
for precise gripping with nearly constant force for all permissible finger lengths
Very high maximum cycles per minute
for highest productivity
Compact dimensions
for minimal interfering contours in the application
Proven a thousand times MPG-plus basis
for equal gripping forces and strokes with identically high efficiency
Brushless DC servomotor
for almost wear-free use and a long service life
Control via IO-Link
enables the prepositioning of the gripper finger and the evaluation of the gripper condition


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