Máy hàn điểm dạng trạm / hàn bấm / hàn chập NDZ Series, AC Single phase từ Dengensha TOA (Nhật Bản).

* Basic model that supports rich variations.
* High-precision detection and control function for secondary current.
* Initial current heat rate can be set freely, which is highly effective for welding nuts.
* You can select from 3 types of current control systems.

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Data management is easy on a PC: Now you can connect a PC instead of a program box: You can manage data such as setting or saving of welding conditions as well as saving welding results on your PC.

It is environment friendly and is superb in durability:

  • Employment of an oil-less cylinder has enabled a clean work environment.
  • FEM structural analysis has enabled a highly durable pressurizing unit and a high rigidness of the main body itself.
  • In addition, a well-balanced cooling method suppresses an excessive heating of welders.

High quality control capability: A high-precision linear encoder detects foreign objects or missing components as well as excessively small/large welding set down by detecting the electrode position.

Other functions:

  • Easy to connect with our feeders.
  • Welding strength can be improved by quickening the rise time of current. (In terms of projection welding)
  • Rise time of pressurizing has been shortened. (Shortened by about 30% compared with our conventional products)
  • Up to 255 conditions can be set.