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NCI signed distributor agreement with MiR

NCI has signed a partnership agreement with MiR. Established in 2014, MiR is the market leader in the field of AMR, the successor technology of AGV.

New Century Int’l (“NCI“) has recently signed a partnership agreement with Mobile Industrial Robots (“MiR“) (Denmark) [link].

Established in 2014, MiR is the market leader and market marker of Autonomous Mobile Robots (“AMR”). AMR is the successor technology of the aged AGV, or Automated Guided Vehicle.

The fundamental difference between AGV and AMR technology is, if AGV have to follow a fixed route (whether it is magnetic tape or pre-defined map), AMR is much more sophisticated. It’s packed with sensors and powerful on-board computers that help it to understand its operating environment. Rather than being restricted to fixed routes, an AMR can instead navigate dynamically using a map which its software constructs on-site, allowing it to plan its own paths and travel quickly and efficiently. AMRs are smart enough to recognize and react to people, cars, forklifts, and more. They safely perform their jobs no matter how busy the surrounding environment.

MiR’s AMR utilizes 2 laser scanners on the front and back as well as a 3D camera on the front. This gives MiR’s AMR a 360-degree visual and up to 12-30 meters depth of field for optimal safety. 3D camera have a range of 30-2,000 mm above floor level to detect pallets.

MiR also utilizes AI to optimize its product system. MiRFleet, the optional centralized control platform software, helps end-user to easily program and control a MiR’s robot fleet of up to 100 units. MiRFleet automatically manages the priorities and selects the most suitable robot to the operation that needs to be carried out, based on position and availability.

MiR is currently the biggest manufacturer of AMR, with its products already optimize production processes in many of the world’s biggest multinational companies around the world, such as Airbus, Flex, Honeywell, Hitachi, Danone, Toyota, Ford…

MiR is sister company of Universal Robots (“UR”). Both companies are from Denmark, and currently owned by Teradyne, leading supplier of automation equipment for test and industrial applications.

NCI is excited to work with MiR for Vietnam market.

For MiR’s completed product range, please visit: link or contact us by email at: