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FD-B6L overview:

Max. payload: 6kg
Max. reach: 2,008mm


Arc Welding
Material Handling

OTC Daihen’s FD-B6L 6-axis robot manipulator features an extended reach with a through-arm, delivering maximum mobility in tight workspaces. The FD-B6L makes welding large pieces in confined spaces or complicated fixtures a snap.

For large parts and fixtures, the FD-B6L’s streamlined coaxial cable improves wire feeding, giving you better overall weld quality.

  • Faster cycle time: Fastest cycle times in the industry, resulting in to shorter takt time.
  • Slim design: Built-in wrist motors avoid interference with jigs and workpieces. Slim arm enables high-density installations.
  • User-friendly operation: Designed to avoid interference behind the arm (Synchro-feed welding cables, signal line and air hose are all built-in, supporting a variety of advanced tools.)
  • Stronger structure: Payload increased 6 kg, providing surplus payload for torch and sensor models, accommodates advanced welding technologies such as Synchro-feed and Cold Tandem. It is also good for handling application.


Otc 6 Axis Robot Specifications