Precise, Compact, Robust

Nabtesco is the largest precision Cycloidal gearbox manufacturer in the world and leads the precision gear industry by providing High Performance Reduction Gears, Hollow Shaft Gear Heads and Single Axis Servo-Actuators and Controllers. Their precision equipment provides large torque, high-ratio and significant shock-load capabilities with extreme precision and very low backlash.

Nabtesco’s products are used for a wide variety of applications whenever there’re demands for the highest performance and efficiency – from satellite antenna and military/defense to robotics, semiconductor and welding. Today Nabtesco accounts for more than 60% of industrial robots’ joins globally. More than 3.5 million gears are currently in use.

NCI is proud to be the exclusive authorized distributor of Nabtesco’s gearbox in Vietnam.


  • High rated torque of up to 14,715 Nm
  • Minimum space required
  • High shock load (5 times the rated torque)
  • High rigidity, extremely low wear
  • Extreme precision (hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin)
  • Low inertia
  • Insensitive to vibrations
  • Long service life


Gearheads with Cycloidal Reducers

Banner Gears

Nabtesco Gearheads form a completely enclosed drive assembly. The basic equipment includes an adapter plate for the motor and a motor shaft coupling for servo motors. In doing so, the gears can be installed quickly and easily. They are based on the various Nabtesco Vigo Drive component sets and are distinguished by their design features and advantages. The Nabtesco Vigo Drive Reducer consists of a patented two-stage cycloidal design that provides large torque, high-ratio and significant shock-load capabilities with extreme precision and excellent quality. The RV utilizes rolling contact elements to reduce wear, extend life and lower backlash with the unique pin and gear structure of the cycloidal design providing higher shock resistance than traditional reducers and further reducing backlash. The reducer also incorporates a set of large, internal angular contact ball bearings that provide large moment capacities and negate the need for external support devices.

Gear Heads Rd

Gearhead Hollowshaft RD_-C

These gearheads feature a large hollow shaft for the feed-through of cables and supply lines. The hollow shaft rotates at the output speed. This series is available for right-angle (RDR-C) or straight (RDS-C) installation, as well as for installation with a pulley input (RDP-C).

Hollow shaft gearhead
T: 98 – 3.136 Nm
i: 81 – 258

Gear Heads Rs

Gearhead Hollowshaft RS

We designed the RS gears especially for the reliable and precise positioning of heavy loads of up to 9 tons. The cast iron base ensures stable and durable floor mounting. Their high performance and precision make them superior to conventional worm gears and camshaft gears.

Hollow shaft gearhead
Integrated rectangular gear
T: 2.548 – 8.820 Nm
i: 120 – 240

Gear Heads Rh

Gearhead Solid RH-N

The solid shaft gearheads of our new RH-N series are based on the RV-N component sets. They feature an integrated input gear and a motor flange for all standard motor types. This makes them ideal for use in machine tools, in modern rotary tables and in different handling applications. The gears are manufactured locally and adapted for individual applications as required.

Solid shaft gearhead
T: 245 – 7.000 Nm
i: 41 – 203,52

Gear Heads Rde

Gearhead Solid RD_-E

We designed these gearheads to be especially lightweight and compact. They can be operated with a right-angle (RDR-E) or straight (RDS-E) pre-stage or alternatively by means of a pulley input type (RDP-E).

Solid shaft gearhead
T: 58 – 3.136 Nm
i: 31 – 185

Gear Heads Rae

Gearhead Solid RA-EA/ EC

The solid shaft gears of the RA-EA/EC series are based on the RV-E component sets and are optimized for the precise positioning of chain or disk magazines.

Solid shaft gearhead
For magazines and change systems
T: 167 – 1.568 Nm
i: 80 – 171

Gear Heads Gh

Gearhead Solid GH

These reduction gearheads (based on the RV gear sets) are designed for high output speeds and are therefore ideal for the automation of robot axes, machine tools and conveyor systems.

Hollow shaft gearhead
High output speed
T: 69 – 980 Nm
i: 10,74 – 31,43
n: bis 270 min-1

Cycloidal Gear Reducers

Banner Components

Nabtesco’s Precision equipment consists of a Patented 2-stage Cycloidal design that provides far superior performance when compared to traditional planetary reducers and other geared positioning devices. Their Precision Gear Boxes and Servo-Actuators not only provide large torque, high ratios and near zero backlash but also incorporate a set of large, internal angular support bearings that provide large moment capacities and negate the need for external support devices.

Gear Head Rvc

Component sets RV-C

The RV-C series features a hollow shaft with a diameter of up to 138 mm. This allows the feed-through of data cables and supply lines.

Hollow shaft component set
T: 98 – 11.760 Nm

Gear Head Rvn

Component sets RV-N

We developed the RV-N series as a very compact, lightweight and high-performance solid shaft gear. These gears are used in applications with limited space that require high torque performance.

Solid shaft component set
T: 245 – 7.000 Nm
i: 41 – 203,52

Gear Head Rv

Component sets RV

The RV series represents the “basis” of our entire product line. These are component sets without integrated angular ball bearings, which makes them especially compact. The gear sets can be combined with different external output bearings.

Solid shaft component set
Without output bearing
T: 137 – 5.390 Nm
i: 57 – 192,4

Gear Head Rfp

Component sets RF-P

The RF-P series is a completely new development! Due to their high output speed, these component sets are ideal for highly dynamic pick & place, handling and positioning applications. They are used especially in arm axes of Delta and SCARA robots or in the wheel drives of driverless transport systems.

Solid shaft component set
High output speed
T: 190 – 320 Nm
i: 31 – 56
n: bis 200 min-1


Nabtesco Applications Banner

Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco are used in diverse industries

A look at the diverse applications in which Nabtesco gears are used shows that they cut a good figure – and not only on paper. Whether in robotics or packaging technology, wind power installations or machine tools, antenna construction or medical technology: Our precision gears are used in applications that require exact positioning and absolute reliability.

Nabtesco Welding


Cycloidal gears for welding with millimeter accuracy

Robotic welding systems have to operate with high speed and absolute precision. Positioners and rotary tables provide for exact alignment of the workpieces. In welding positioners, a precision gear drives the horizontal rotary axis. This makes it possible to weld all spots along this axis – even complex geometrical structures – within a tolerance of tenths of millimetres, without having to reclamp the workpiece. The weld puddle must be kept exactly in the tray. Nabtesco cycloidal gears are designed for such applications.

Nabtesco Handling


Precision gears for positioning robots

An important focus at Nabtesco is on the development of special gears for high-speed handling and robot-assisted positioning. Robots for pick & place applications and for workpiece positioning operate in industrial environments at ever increasing speeds, which also puts a strain on the gears installed in such systems. In addition to the high acceleration and braking forces of these machines, the engineers also have to be aware of heat generation from the high speeds. Our precision gears fulfil these requirements!

Nabtesco Machine Tool Building

Machine tool building

Cycloidal gears for micron-precise positioning

Precision is the top priority in the construction of machine tools. Because the blanks and tools must be positioned quickly and with micron precision. Complete machining in one clamping set-up prevents inaccuracies that can occur as a result of frequent reclamping of the workpiece. Compact precision gears with an integer gear ratio ensure the exact positioning of the chain or disk magazines equipped with the different tools required for this application.

Nabtesco Robotics


Nabtesco gears make your robot more precise and more efficient.

Nabtesco’s precision gears are used in more than 60 % of all industrial robots around the globe! This makes Nabtesco the undisputed world market leader in the field of robot gears! These gears make it possible to extract a tremendous amount of power from a small motor while at the same time allowing the industrial robots to make more precise movements. Without them,the robots would be unable to perform the powerful,swift, and precise actions needed to assemble the cars and other vehicles that we see all around us every day all over the world. Nabtesco has been a market leader in precision reduction gears for about 30 years now, and, as a specialist in the field, has consistently achieved technological innovation. Nabtesco’s precision reduction gears maintain high accuracy and rigidity as well as being compact and lightweight.

Nabtesco Packaging

Packaging technology

Precision gears for handling and palletising robots

Hygiene and safety are the top priorities in food production and packaging applications. Compliance with extremely stringent hygiene standards is required in the handling, positioning and packaging of foodstuffs. In addition, these applications are becoming more dynamic, faster and more precise. Our cycloidal gears of the RF-P and RH-N series easily fulfil these requirements.

Nabtesco Medical

Medical technology

Drive technology with a high safety margin

Motorized drives provide for extreme precision in the handling of patients and in imaging processes such as X-ray, MRI or ultrasonic examinations. These applications require positioning accuracy within a tolerance of millimetres or even less. Since the machines are used for examining human patients, safety margins are extremely important in the case of a malfunction. Nabtesco cycloidal gears are the ideal choice!