Welbee DPS

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The all-new Welbee D-Arc technology from OTC DAIHEN, market leader in welding industry

Highly Efficient Welding System For Heavy Steel Plate: D-Arc Welding

  • OTC DAIHEN’s owned invented Buried-arc welding technology of which wire is buried deeply in base metal, resulting in deeper penetration as deeper part of base metal is heated.
  • One pass welding with a maximum thickness of 19 mm and reduction of welding time by up to 80% (for plate thickness 19 mm butt weld, welding length 1 m)
  • Drastic reduction of groove processing time – One pass welding leads to less groove processing, resulting in processing cost reduction.
  • Significant wire consumption reduction, up to 70% due to edge preparation space reduction.
  • Stabilization of high current buried arc
  • Multi-layer welding

Applications: Thick plate welding users for steel frames,bridge,ship building,plant piping,etc

Welbee Dps