Automated storage with Kardex Remstar

Smart Intralogistics Solution

Kardex Remstar – a global leader in automated warehouse systems, material handling systems, and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (“AS/RS”) solutions in the logistics market. With 25+ years of experience, office in more than 30 countries and 140.000 successful installation systems, Kardex has been a reliable partner for various customers from different industries all around the world.

NCI is the authorized distributor for the Vietnam market. As Kardex Remstar’s trained partner, we provide consultant, customization (Barcode Scanning, human-robotic interface, ERP/MES interface), technical support, as well as all the after-sell services you require.

Together, we promise to modernize your intralogistics and push your business to the next level.

Automated Storage 1
Automated Warehouse Systems

Flexible and Reliable

Kardex Remstar offers four main types of systems suitable for various industries and different demands:

Automated Storage 4

Kardex Megamat

Automated Storage 6

Kardex Shuttle

Automated Storage 8

Kardex Horizontal Carousel

Automated Storage 10

Kardex Compact Buffer

High density and secure Storage

Kardex Remstar’s advanced automated storage, “Goods to person” principle, and integrated, management software can provide efficient results in:

  • Floor space: saving of up to 85% in floor space
  • Productivity: increase in productivity up to 300%
  • Picking Accuracy: up to 99,9%
  • Ergonomics: delivering all products to an ergonomic height, reducing worker injury
  • Manpower: reduce labor requirements by up to 2/3
  • Security and Control: tracking, controlling input and output products, components, or documents

Individual Requirements call for Individual Solutions

Kardex Remstar’s dynamic storage and innovative solutions are used by customers from a wide range of industries such as:

  • Manufacturing: Automotive/Transportation Equipment, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Food & Beverage, Kitchen/Wood/Furniture, Pharmaceuticals…
  • Services: Wholesale/Retail/E-commerce, Hospitals, 3P-Logistics/Transportation, Administration…