Sealed 180° angular gripper for the use in contaminated environments

Field of application
For applications requiring a large opening range. Particularly suitable for the use in dirty environments.

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Advantages – Your benefits
Completely sealed gripper version
allows applications in dirty environments
Air supply via hose-free direct connection or screw connections
for flexible pressure supply in all automated systems
Equipped with gripping force maintenance device
ensuring that the workpiece stays gripped in case of power drop
Opening angle adjustable from 20° to 180°
for a versatile field of applications
Slotted link gear for centric gripping with large opening/closing movements

Options and special information

180° radial grippers are advantageous since further stroke motions are no more necessary. Since every jaw swivels away by 90°, the gripper is outside of the working area, and a stroke motion back of the whole gripper is no more necessary.
Gripping force maintenance version AS/IS
The mechanical gripping force maintenance version ensures minimum gripping force even in the event of a pressure drop. In the AS/S version this acts as a closing force, in the IS version as an opening force.
High-temperature version V/HT
for use in hot environments
Additional versions
Various options can be combined with each other. Numerous additional options are also available – just tell us what your task is!