Robot hàn FD-V8L

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Thông số cơ bản:

Tải trọng cho phép: 8kg
Tầm với tối đa: 2,006mm

Ứng dụng:

Vận chuyển vật liệu

The new arc welding robot FD-V8L from OTC Daihen with partly integrated cable routing and a refi ned design can handle all welding tasks and payloads of up to 8 kg. Even the connections and cables required for the SynchroFeed welding process are preinstalled. Due to its outstanding arm length, it is particularly suitable for large working areas.

  • Faster cycle time: Designed for highest industrial speeds.
  • Slim Design: Thanks to the slimmer lower arm design, less rotary motion is needed to reach the working position, thus preventing collisions with jigs and workpieces.
  • User-friendly operation: Even the cables required for SynchroFeed are integrated into the lower arm, which prevents interference behind the robot arm.
  • Stronger structure: Maximum payload now up to 8 kg. The use of different torches and sensors is possible.

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Otc 6 Axis Robot Specifications
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