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NCI x PushCorp for all robotic material removal applications

NCI is working with PushCorp to further expand our solutions to customers for all robotic material removal applications and surface treatment requirements.
PushCorp's end-of-arm robotic grinding tool working on a car bumper.

PushCorp is the leading manufacturer of robotic material removal end-of-arm tooling. For over 25 years our products have helped customers automate applications that were once considered impossible to do with a robot. PushCorp’s patented force compliant tooling gives a robot a “human” touch. Our active technology allows for accurate force to be maintained against a surface in any orientation. The equipment achieves this through proprietary algorithms that monitor force, position and acceleration in real time. In addition to force compliance devices, PushCorp offers a wide range of powerful, efficient, and factory proven electric spindles. All of PushCorp’s spindles utilize liquid cooled, permanent magnet, brushless, closed-loop servomotor technology. This technology gives our spindles the highest power-to-weight ratio and power efficiency in the industry.

Deburring Nci X Pushcorp For All Robotic Material Removal Applications 1
A PushCorp’s system.
Deburring Nci X Pushcorp For All Robotic Material Removal Applications 3
A PushCorp’s system.

Established in 1997, New Century International Co., Ltd. (New Century Int’l – “NCI”) is one of the oldest full-service systems integration providers in Vietnam. NCI is your one-stop-shop for all metal fabrication robotics solutions: welding, cutting, grinding & deburring & polishing/sanding, material handling, palletizing & depalletizing, laser solutions…

Together, NCI x PushCorp can give customers a quality and consistency solution to those surface finishing applications requirement. We are confident to deliver the best-in-class quality and reliability for customers of all sizes, spanning diverse industries.

For further information, please get in touch with us [here] or through our hotline: +84 8 3855 3855 or by email: